Announcement: Buyer and Seller Bid Guides Posted; Reminder: Pre-Approval Window Ends Tomorrow

On November 21, 2016, Bid Submission Guides (one for producers looking to buy a right to use groundwater on a temporary leasing basis for the 2017 growing season and one for producers looking to sell such rights) were posted to the “Documents and Links” page of the Program website.  The documents are called “Buyer Bid Guide” and “Seller Bid Guide”.  These documents contain updates from the previously posted Bid Guide.  Please replace any previous versions of this document that you may have downloaded.

The CPNRD invites you to contact them at (308) 385-6282 to become pre-approved for the Groundwater Exchange program for the 2017 growing season.  The window closes tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23.  Expedited pre-approval is available for producers who participated in the pilot Program for the 2016 growing season.

Please submit your questions through the “Ask A Question” page of the Program website.